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Message Educational Mission is a community of people of goodwill who garner support for the school education (up to +2 level) of children who are academically gifted but find it hard to proceed with their education due to financial constraints. This group taps all sources to find the wherewithal to support such kids

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One student (1 year) $100 (€80)

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Give your tithe with joy; give liberally according to your ability; He will repay you sevenfold. (Eccl? 35: 9-11).

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    Darkness sets in life when, tempted by their external appearance, you begin to consume poisonous fruit.

    Just as darkness and light cannot co-exist, love and hatred cannot stay together.

    Genuine prayer is the greatest preparedness of the human mind. It is also the key to open the portals of heaven.

    When someone approaches you for help, compassionate words alone will not suffice, that compassion should ensue in action.

    Those who traverse this world at breakneck speed lack the concentration to grasp fundamental realities.

    Love is not giving away your excess, but giving from your heart.

    When we fail to exhale the inhaled breath, our status changes to – cadaver!

    Consider not the magnitude of your problems; rather ponder over the greatness of the God you believe in. Surrender your problems in God's hands. Then all your problems and prayers will have their solutions ready.

    What you need to observe about life is not its brokenness but its wholesome parts.

    Man-made Good Fridays do not lead to resurrection; God-given Good Fridays lead to the Resurrection.

    What you achieve bodily is not your attainment; it has to emerge from your mind.

    He who cannot forgive is incurable.

    A liar lurks inside every human being. Only powerful prayer and God's grace can rid one of it.

    God is to be sought in the love given to another and in service to society. Work is true worship, genuine prostration..

    When one's interior landscape is pure, his atmosphere too will clear.

    God is a figment in the imagination of men. He is the greatest reality to the true believer, though.

    To the true altruist, everything appears destined for good.

    Do not do evil in order to rectify evil.

    No passing phenomena can claim indestructibility.

    Injustice, no matter to who, is an injustice to God Almighty.